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The EJH goes to Phillipsburg

The Junior varsity boys played in the Phillipsburg basketball tournament last Saturday.  In the first game Phillipsburg defeated Ellis by a score of Phillipsburg 35 and Ellis 21.  Scoring for  the junior varsity were Carson Fisher with 7 points, Aiden Amrein 4, Dayshaun Jones 3, Austin Carroll 2, William Crawford 2, Alex McGuire 2, and Talen Roland 1.  McGuire grabbed 5 rebounds, Fisher 3, Jayden Lehman 3, Roland 2, and Amrein 2.   In the second game it was TMP winning over Ellis by a score of TMP 30 and Ellis 19.  Scoring for Ellis were Carson Fisher 6, Aiden Amrein 6, Austin Carroll 3, Dayshaun Jones 2, and Talen Roland 2.  Amrein led in rebounding with 8, Jones 2, and McGuire 2

Jack Wolf