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Ellis Golf Team to Atwood

Another beautiful day on the golf course. Cade and Zach couldn’t make it today since it was a Saturday and a re-schedule. Brady had another good round and tied for 4th . He ended up having to play in a play-off and lost by one shot. Brady has been in the 30’s a few times this season, and is playing better golf each time out. Darren and Cody both broke into the 90’s for the first time this season. This is Darren’s last tournament since we can only take 6 players to varsity tournaments and we are out of JV tournaments. It’s great to see how he’s improved this year and I definitely look forward to him contributing to the team on varsity next year. Cody will continue on the varsity squad for the rest of the season, and played very well today. He’s getting some things figured out and moving up the lineup. Holden played one his better rounds of the season and really helped the team out today. John played well today, but his season average was less than one stroke away from making the top 6. It was great to have John on the team and it’s very hard as a coach to tell a player that has worked as hard as John has this season that he won’t make the top 6 and that his season has ended. John made the entire team better and I’m so glad that he was a part of the squad. Mason had a rough day today but his season average will keep him on the varsity squad for the remainder of the season. He has a few things to work on and I’m sure that he’ll be on the course tomorrow doing just that. We have been getting better each time out as a team and it’s exciting to see the progress that we have made. Next action is Monday May 5 at Phillipsburg. Here are the results.

Coach Carroll