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Ellis Travels to TMP

On Tuesday September 3rd the Ellis JV and Varisty volleyball team traveled to TMP to take on Stockton and TMP. The JV starts out the year with a win against Stockton with the results being 25-11 in the first set and 25-23 in the second set winning the match. Next, they played TMP sadly losing the match with the score being 25-27 in the first set and 25-18 in the second set losing the match. Varisty takes Stockton in to three sets with the scores being 25-22 winning the first set, 22-25 losing the second set, and 24-26 losing the third set. Varisty then takes on TMP losing the match with the scores being 25-14 losing the first set and 25-13 losing the second set. The Volleyball team will be playing Phillipsburg and Smith Center next Tuesday at Phillipsburg. We wish them good luck!

Abigail Mattheyer