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Cross Country Places 2nd at Norton

Cross country traveled to Norton last Thursday for their first meet of the season and ended up with some impressive times as they placed second. Placing the highest for Ellis men’s varsity in 4th place, Sam Pyle ran in 18:30. Just a little bit behind placing 8th was Clay Shaw who ran in 19:34. Next for Ellis was Logan North coming in 20th he ran in 20:28. Matthew Bieker ran a 21:56 coming in 24th place. Then the last runner for Ellis men’s varsity Coming in 30th place was Dakota Metzler and he ran a 23:20. The lead runner for girls’ varsity was Madi Russsel, she placed 3rd running a 22:22. next runner for girls’ varsity is Makenna Kohl she placed 8th running 24:10. another runner for Ellis was Mali Crawford she came in 15th running 29:06. the last runner for Ellis girls’ varsity was Eva Gashler who ran a 35:46.

Jace Milbourne