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EHS VS Wheatland

The Ellis Varisty boys traveled to Wheatland-Grinnell on Tuesday December 17, 2019. The boys started the first quarter off strong with the Railers scoring 11 points and the Thunderhawks scoring 9. In the second quarter, the Railers continued to out score the Thunderhawks ending the quarter with the Railers leading 25 to the Thunderhawks 20. In the 3rd quarter the Railer still lead scoring 17 points while the Thunderhawks score 15 points. In the 4th quarter the Thunderhawks out scored the Railers scoring 22 to the Railers 15. The Thunderhawks were up by 3 in the 4th quarter, the Railers had the ball with 8 seconds left. The Railer passed the ball in from out-of-bounds shooting a three tying the game 57 to 57 going into overtime. The Railers and the Thunderhawks both played great defense only scoring 7 points for both teams going into double overtime. Finally, in double overtime the Railers out scored the Thunderhawks scoring 10 points while the Thunderhawks only scored 6 points, ending the game Railers 74 and the Thunderhawks 70.

Abigail Mattheyer