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Docking Institute Survey

USD 388 is excited to start another school year.  It is hard to believe that summer is over and that our students are back into the classroom and starting their Fall activities. 

The Ellis school district, just like every other district in the state, is constantly trying to improve and provide our students with a high quality education and positive experiences.  Part of this process is ensuring that our students have quality classrooms and other facilities to meet their educational needs.   

If you have driven by Washington Grade School this year, you will have seen a physical change to the outside of the building.  We are excited to have completed the exterior siding, windows and brick project.  This has made the rooms more comfortable in terms of heating and cooling for our elementary students.  This past year, we also invested in increased security systems at both schools to ensure the safety of all students.  With help from the community, we have built a new USD 388 weight room with an attached wrestling room available to the public.  These are just a few examples of tasks that USD 388 has been able to undertake and improve.

But now, because of the many needs still present within our district, we are asking for your help. You will soon receive an envelope from Fort Hays State University. Inside, you will find a survey that we have put together with the help of the Docking Institute. This survey’s purpose is to help USD 388 determine what community members view as priorities for our district as well as gauge your willingness to support a bond that will address some of those needs.

I think it is important for you, as a community member, to know that we have learned a lot from our last two attempts at passing a bond. We are committed to listening to district patrons regarding their priorities for a new, responsible USD 388 school bond. We know this must be a budget-conscious bond that will help fill many needs inside our district.

I invite you to stop in and share your thoughts with me on what you see as the most pressing needs of the district.  We encourage you to complete the Docking Survey and return it in the postage-paid return envelope. We sincerely hope that you will be honest in your responses and diligent in your completion of the forthcoming survey.  Your input is very important to us.

Corey Burton